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News 4.7.0

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Release Notes: Release Notes

All platform key changes:

  • New Alerts feature
  • Improvements to the fluid mode per forum view
  • hCaptcha added as a new CAPTCHA option for use on the Contact Us form and when accepting guest posts
  • Ability to only log searches from specific member groups
  • New solved/unsolved filter for activity streams
    You can now sort through and stay up-to-date on any solved/unsolved content items by setting up a custom activity stream. This is particularly useful for community support forums where clients and members are searching for solutions to questions that have already been answered. Or, perhaps a developer is in search of questions or problems that are unsolved. You can create a more granular search by inputting more information, like ownership, time period and more.

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  • Speed improvements when rebuilding Elastic Search indexes
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘hidden’ content item filter would be ignored for any content type except topics. (In notes below)
    • Fixed an issue where the date parameter for the ‘Edit a topic’ endpoint was not updating topic/post post date. (In notes below) More flexibility when creating webhooks and triggers (continual improvement upon every release).
  • Fixes and improvements to our Zapier integration

Self-hosting platform key changes:

  • PHP minimum version increased to 7.4
  • Support for PHP 8.1

Cloud platform key changes:

  • New product architecture to consolidate existing cloud functionality and to provide forthcoming features
  • [BETA] "Real time" notices when others are reading and replying to the same topics as you
    • Who’s Typing: We just implemented a live Who’s Typing feature into our own community. If you're quick, you’ll see a member typing a reply in real time when going to submit your own reply at the form located near the bottom of the topic.

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      Who's Viewing: We implemented a live Who's Viewing feature into topics on our community as well. This may sound familiar to you - we already created a "Recently Browsing" block that shows what members are viewing a topic, however that block was a snapshot over a small chunk of time. The new Who's Viewing feature shows what members are viewing a topic (and when they leave) in the present moment.

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  • [BETA] Image processing and moderation
    • We've improved our native search by automatically informing the platform to look for items featured in photos.
      In this example, a member posted a photo of an apple in a topic. Another member searched for the word "apple.” The platform found his image of an apple. The new smart learning technology will identify as many keywords as possible in an image to make searching faster, more efficient and accurate.

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  • [BETA] Sentiment analysis data collection
    • AI that scores a topic based on how positive, neutral, negative or mixed the replies are from members. For example:

      Sentiment: [99.5000] Positive | [0.0000] Negative | [0.5000] Neutral
  • [BETA] Trending content

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