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Nintendo News Little Nightmares 3 Seems to be in Development


The Little Nightmares franchise has delivered to excellent games back-to-back and has enjoyed plenty of critical and commercial success as a result, with Bandai Namco recently having confirmed that the series has collectively sold over 12 million units to date. With that sort of success, one would assume that the company has more planned for the series’ future, and sure enough, work on whatever comes next seems to be underway.

That’s as per a job listing posted by Bandai Namco recently on LinkedIn (spotted by The Game Spoof). The listing is for an internship position as a producer assistant on the Little Nightmares IP at Bandai Namco Europe, and says the applicant will join the team responsible for the franchise within the company.

Little Nightmares 1 and 2 were, of course, developed by Swedish team Tarsier Studios, but the developer was acquired by Embracer Group in 2019. Shortly afterward, it was confirmed that the Little Nightmares IP would remain under Bandai Namco’s ownership, and that future instalments would not be developed by Tarsier. Tarsier, meanwhile, is currently at work on its own new IP under the ownership of Embracer Group.

Source: https://gamingbolt.com/little-nightmares-3-seems-to-be-in-development