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Nintendo News Nintendo Confirms More Video Game Movies in the Works


Nintendo has plans to make even more movies based on its video games. For years, Nintendo has resisted adapting its beloved games into movies and TV shows. After the disaster that was the original Mario movie in the 1980s and some short-lived animated shows many moons ago, Nintendo steered clear of Hollywood until the late 2010s when a new Mario movie was announced in collaboration with Minions studio Illumination. Although there was some skepticism for the film before the first trailer, it has been a major success. Even with mixed reviews from critics, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has shattered records at the box office and been a hit with fans.

With that said, a sequel seems like an immediate guarantee and the cast already has ideas for spin-offs, but many are wondering what comes next for Nintendo. Could this lead to a movie adaptation of another franchise like The Legend of Zelda? It sounds like the chances are getting more and more likely. When speaking with Japanese news site Nihon Keizai Shimbun (via MyNintendoNews), Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto stated that he has "no doubt" that there will be more Nintendo films in the future. As of right now, Miyamoto is refraining from announcing or teasing anything further than that. Hopefully, we will hear more in the not too distant future, but if they are animated projects, it may be a while. Animated films take far longer to work on than live-action productions and can take numerous years to make due to the level of detail in all of them.

Nonetheless, we can rely on more Nintendo films in the future. It also remains to be seen if these will all happen with Illumimation. If Nintendo opts to do something in live action, it stands to reason it would work with a different studio. It's possible it would still stay within Universal, the company that back Illumination, but this is all speculative at the moment.

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