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Nintendo News Nintendo Insider Shares Disappointing Update About Next Direct


A notable Nintendo insider has shared some disappointing news about when the company's next Nintendo Direct presentation might take place. On an annual basis, Nintendo tends to hold its largest Direct of the year in June, previously in tandem with the E3 convention. And while many fans have expected Nintendo to still release a new Direct in June even without E3 taking place, it doesn't sound like this may be happening after all.

According to reporter Andy Robinson, it currently seems like Nintendo isn't poised to do "anything" over the next month. Speaking about what presentations were on the horizon on social media, Robinson said that he has heard PlayStation will be having its next big showcase in either late May or early June. For Nintendo, though, Robinson briefly stated that he doesn't believe the Japanese video game publisher will be highlighting anything in the coming month.

Based on what we've heard in the past, this new information from Robinson shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Previously, reports earlier in 2023 indicated that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would be one of the final big releases from Nintendo on the Switch. As such, it seems like Nintendo's potential silence could be due to the fact that the company is preparing to show off its next hardware that will succeed the Switch in the coming months. Even though it would be strange to not have Nintendo share a new Direct in June, perhaps the company thinks that laying low for the time being is its best option.

For now, the only thing we know with certainty about Nintendo is that it has some big first-party games for Switch still on the horizon. The aforementioned The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is poised to launch at the end of this week on May 12 and will be followed by the arrival of Pikmin 4 on July 21. Outside of these two titles, it's not known what else Nintendo might have in store for 2023, but we'll surely begin to learn more in the months ahead.

Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/nintendo-direct-2023-switch-report/