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PC Gaming News Street Fighter 6 Trailer Showcases World Tour Gameplay


Street Fighter 6’s healthy online offerings will, of course, be what will keep the game alive and kicking for years after its release (assuming everything goes well, that is), but one of the fighter’s most intriguing and exciting elements in the lead-up to its launch has been its single player campaign, World Tour. At the recent Street Fighter showcase, Capcom offered another glimpse at the mode in a new trailer.

The trailer showcased an all-new World Tour location in Nayshall, a developing nation in Asia, while also offering a look at various other elements of the mode, like exploration, a skill tree, side activities (like taking selfies with NPCs), learning moves from Masters, eating food to acquire buffs, and more.

That’s not all though- the trailer also reveals that players will be able to take their custom World Tour Avatars into the Battle Hub to have online Avatar Battles against other players. You’ll be able to take your character with all of their customizations and any combination of moves you’ve learned from Masters in World Tour. Check out the trailer below for more details.

Source: https://gamingbolt.com/street-fighter-6-trailer-showcases-world-tour-gameplay-and-avatar-battles


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