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PC Gaming News WB Discovery CEO Seems To Suggest A Superman Game Is On The Horizon


As popular as superhero games have always been, a good Superman game has been this elusive thing for years.

That’s not stopping WB Discovery from trying, it would seem, as chief executive officer David Zaslav hinted that a new Superman game could be on the horizon.

In an earnings call Zaslav spoke on the unexpected success of Hogwarts Legacy, and how consumers today want to spend more time in the fictional worlds they love.

He spoke further as to how WB has an incredible opportunity with the IP it owns to keep creating more ways for consumers to get lost in these worlds, specifically mentioning Superman, and its new coming film.

“We may be the only media company that owns – whether it be the DC Universe, Harry Potter, all the content that we own, Game Of Thrones – that’s for us to deploy. I think that’s a particularly interesting strategy.

If you look at Hogwarts Legacy, a big piece of the success of that game is that you go into it. If you’re a player, you go into that game and you’re in that world. That’s kind of a new concept. Before it was gaming and it was storytelling, and now…it’s very difficult to understand what the definition of the metaverse is…

When we launch a product on Max or HBO, and when we have a game, that game belongs to us, but now there’s this in-betweener. It may be in the next couple of years that we launch a Superman movie and…people spend more time and there’s more economics of people just hanging out in the Superman world and universe.

The fact that we own all of that is something that I think is going to be really important as we look forward–as technology develops, and given the amount of time that people spend on gaming, we don’t want to be in the motion picture and longform storytelling business and have somebody else in the business of hanging out in those worlds. Those worlds are going to be quite profitable in the years ahead.”

This is in now way a real confirmation that a Superman game is coming, but it’s clear that its crossed the minds of WB’s top executives.

Hopefully we’ll finally get to see a really great Superman game someday soon.

Source: https://www.psu.com/news/wb-discovery-ceo-seems-to-suggest-a-superman-game-is-on-the-horizon/